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Airstrikes kill Taliban 'shadow governor' in Afghanistan

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) -- "Precision airstrikes" killed a Taliban leader and several of his fighters in Afghanistan, the NATO-led command said Saturday.

The incident occurred Friday night in Baghlan province in the country's northeast -- where the insurgent leader was the so-called "shadow governor." NATO's International Security Assistance Force said the airstrikes were conducted by an Afghan-international security force.

The insurgent leader, who was not identified, was responsible for organizing and directing attacks against coalition forces and was thought to have been planning an assault on an Afghan National Police outpost. The leader has been in regular contact with Kunduz and Pakistani Taliban senior leaders, the NATO-led command said in a news release.

Along with the aircraft strikes in the Baghlan-e Jadid district, ground troops also killed insurgents.

In Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, an Afghan-international force killed several insurgents and captured several others on Saturday morning.