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Severe storm kills 54 in India

By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN
  • Authorities confirm 29 deaths in Uttar Pradesh, 25 in neighboring Bihar
  • Many deaths blamed on lightning strikes, falling trees
  • Violent storm last month killed at least 122 people in eastern India
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New Delhi, India (CNN) -- A powerful storm has killed at least 54 people in northern and eastern India, authorities said Saturday.

The storm packed strong winds that ripped through parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states on Friday, according to officials.

Authorities have confirmed 29 deaths in Uttar Pradesh and 25 in neighboring Bihar.

The storm lashed at least 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh, said Shrish Dubey, a joint secretary with the state's disaster-management department. Many of the deaths were blamed on lightning strikes and falling trees.

In Bihar, raging winds overturned a bus, the state's disaster-management special secretary Satendra told CNN.

"It was like a cyclone," said Satendra, who uses only one name. He said experts were examining the nature of the storm.

Authorities in both states had not yet estimated the damage to homes and infrastructure, but officials in Bihar said they feared it could be extensive in their state.

A violent storm last month killed at least 122 people in eastern India along the border with Bangladesh, officials said. About 300,000 homes were damaged when a cyclone struck parts of West Bengal and Bihar states April 14.