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Taliban attack boys' school in Pakistan

  • School destroyed after explosives planted in five locations, official says
  • School situated in Qamar Din village along Afghan border
  • No information available on casualties
  • The Taliban
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Taliban militants bombed a government boys' school in northwest Pakistan early Saturday, authorities said.

Explosives placed at five spots destroyed nearly the whole school, which had 28 rooms, said Maqsood Khan, a senior administrative official in the area.

The school is in Qamar Din village along the Afghan border. No information on casualties was available.

Pakistan's military is engaged in offensives to flush out militants in the North West Frontier Province. Analysts say most are along the country's border with Afghanistan -- where the tribal areas are located.

The militants, in turn, have launched a series of deadly attacks inside the country in retaliation. In October a truck bomb at a popular market killed more than 100 people, and government and security forces have suffered regular attacks.

Militants have long controlled vast swaths of the province, imposing their own fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law.