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Damaged Antarctic cruise ship resumes journey

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Cruise ship battles massive waves
  • The Clelia II is returning on its own power to Argentina
  • A large wave doused electrical circuitry and broke a bridge window
  • The ship's engines remained operational but speed was reduced

(CNN) -- An Antarctic cruise ship was under way again Wednesday after spending a day slowed by electrical malfunctions in rough weather and crashing cold waves, the organization that promotes the southernmost cruises said.

The MV Clelia II was making its way northbound back to Argentina Tuesday when a large wave crashed over the 290-foot ship, "breaking the starboard bridge window and dousing some electrical circuitry," the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators said.

"This caused a temporary loss of communications and affected engine performance," the organization said. "Both engines remained operational and speed was reduced."

No passengers were injured, but a member of the crew suffered minor injuries, the group said.

Another Antarctic cruise ship, the National Geographic Explorer, stayed with the Clelia II while repairs were made, and the ship resumed its journey across the Drake Passage when the repairs were complete.

The association said all 88 of the Clelia's passengers were Americans and that most of the ship's 77 crew members were Filipinos.

The Clelia II is expected to join with an Argentine channel pilot Thursday evening and arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina, early Friday.