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Court appearance for Mexican woman, children accused in kidnappings

From Nick Valencia, CNN
  • Victoria Galindo Odilon and her three children are to be arraigned
  • A victim identified the four as being involved when she was kidnapped, an official says
  • "This whole thing is very odd," a spokesman for the attorney general's office says

(CNN) -- A woman and her three children arrested this week for participating in kidnappings in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, are expected to be arraigned Friday afternoon, the Chihuahua state attorney general's office told CNN.

The woman, Victoria Galindo Odilon, and her children were identified by a kidnapping victim who said they were all present when she was recently kidnapped and later released for an unknown amount of money, said Carlos Gonzalez , spokesman for the attorney general.

"The suspect identified as Victoria Galindo Odilon is the sister of a well-known delinquent who was recently captured and was killed in prison by one of his accomplices," Gonzalez said. "They were all part of a well-known band of kidnappers in the city."

Galindo Odilon and one son, Miguel Angel Salcido Galindo, are charged with kidnapping, while the attorney general's office is recommending the other sons, ages 17 and 15, be processed by a special tribunal for minors.

"This whole thing is very odd ... for a mother and her children to be participating in an organized band of kidnappers. It's all just very strange," Gonzalez added.

While being paraded in front of the media after their capture, as is common in Mexico, Galindo Odilon claimed she was innocent of all charges.

Local newspaper El Diario de Juarez reported that investigators say the family of four also participated in the kidnapping of a 33-year-old businessman in Juarez who they later released on October 31 for about $21,000.