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Baby among rescued kidnap victims in Mexico

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Ten kidnap victims were rescued over the weekend
  • One of the captives was a 7-month-old baby
  • Marines found the safehouse by triangulating a cell phone call
  • Three police officers were arrested as suspected kidnappers

(CNN) -- Ten kidnap victims, including a 7-month-old infant, were rescued over the weekend in an operation in northern Mexico, the country's navy said Monday.

Marines triangulated the location of the safehouse where the captives were being held, thanks to a cell phone call one of the victims was able to make, according to a navy statement.

They were being held in the city of Altamira, on the Gulf Coast near Tampico.

The marines found five men, four women and the baby boy at the site. They were believed to be migrants heading north. Three of the captives were Mexican, four were Colombians, and there were two Salvadorans and one Ecuadorian.

Three Altamira police officers suspected of being the kidnappers were arrested, the navy said. The officers showed up at the scene of the raid and acted suspicious, according to the navy, and the victims stated they were kidnapped by police.

More than 65 marines formed part of the operation, the navy said.

A luxury sedan and weapons were seized from a separate address indicated by one of the detained officers. The officers' two patrol cars were also seized.

Altamira is in the state of Tamaulipas, the same state where 72 Central and South American migrants were found killed in August.

CNN's Rafael Romo contributed to this report.