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What, no Eiffel Tower? Your favorite buildings around the world

  • A selection of your favorite buildings from around the world
  • You sent in a wide variety of favorites from colonial buildings to shiny new hotels
  • We've picked the best and put them in our own gallery

(CNN) -- We've all heard of the Empire State building, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal -- iconic buildings which have pushed the boundaries of design and imagination.

But what about your favorites? CNN's arts and culture show icon wanted to know what buildings you thought deserved iconic status and why.

We put out a call, asking you to send in your most beloved buildings -- be they palaces or pubs, cottages or cathedrals and your responses were as numerous as they were varied

Above we've featured some of the best, from a disused factory to a picture perfect lighthouse. Let us know what you think.