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Messages for miners come from around the world

By the CNN Wire Staff
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World riveted by mine rescue
  • People have written notes encouraging the trapped miners
  • "May God be with them, valiant workers!" says one
  • "The end is near and soon we will celebrate together," says another

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(CNN) -- The plight of the 33 Chilean miners that has caught the attention of much of the world has also attracted dozens of notes from well-wishers, some of which have been posted on the Ministry of Mining's website.

"We think a lot about you and wish you all the best and a quick rescue. What is the first thing you want to do? Kind regards from Class 5."-- From a class in Vaxholm, Sweden

"God is with you and all the Bolivian people trust that you will come out well," said a note posted Sunday by Javier of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, who noted that one of the miners is from his country. "Stay strong miners of Bolivia and Chile, you are our pride."

"I'm a Brazilian, I live in Londres and I am following attentively the development of everything to get them out," wrote Lucia. "May God be with them, valiant workers!"

"May God shine a light on all those who are working to get you out with success," wrote Liliana, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, who is Chilean.

"The Chilean never loses courage!" wrote Rene, of Quebec, Canada. "They are not alone, boys. Keep going, guys!"

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"To God be the honor and the glory," wrote Herta, of Villarica, Chile. "And we know that God answered."

"Strength miners!" said Haoyang, of Shaoxing, China.

"If at night I weep, in the morning there will be cries of happiness," wrote Paula and Tiago, of Berrien Springs, Michigan, quoting from Psalm 30:5.

"May God be with you, your families and those who rescue you," wrote Luis from Stockholm, Sweden. "Good luck!! and much strength Chilean!!"

"Pray, wait, don't be impatient," wrote Sonia of Aventura, Florida. "Impatience gets you nowhere. God is compassionate and will listen to your prayer."

"Strength friends!!!" wrote a family from Santiago, Chile. "The end is near and soon we will celebrate together the effort of an entire country to see you happy."

One of the notes came from nearby: "Miracles exist," wrote Nina, of Copiapo, where the miners will be taken after their rescue. "There are 33 of them."

"What happened with you was necessary," wrote Lidia, of Santiago, Chile. "You are the 33 men who changed our lives forever."

"I await with impatience the day in which your faces may feel the breeze of the air caressing your faces," wrote Lucas from Cordoba, Argentina. "Blessings."

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