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Flooding kills 7 in Venezuela's capital

From Gustavo Valdes, CNN
  • Fire chief says more than 400 people have been evacuated from their homes
  • A family has been swept away by rushing waters
  • President Hugo Chavez says he is praying for victims

(CNN) -- Seven people died in Venezuela after heavy rains flooded a river in the country's capital Friday night, state media reported.

The rushing waters from the Guaire River entered a home and swept away a family, killing seven people, Fire Department Cmdr. William Martinez told the state-run VTV.

Martinez said no other such incidents had been reported, but officials were taking action to protect people from the possible flooding of rivers in other parts of Caracas.

More than 400 people have been evacuated from their homes, Martinez told VTV.

President Hugo Chavez spoke in the situation room where officials were coordinating response to the flooding late Friday, the state-run AVN news agency reported.

"Take care of yourselves. I am praying for the lives of these people," Chavez said, according to AVN.