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Who's who: The Chile mine rescuers

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24 hours in a Chilean mine
  • Rescuers are split into three teams each with a foreman
  • One team includes a poet, another has a video narrator
  • Each has a paramedic

COPIAPO, Chile (CNN) -- The teams working to rescue 33 miners trapped underground in Chile are divided into three shifts that work around the clock.

They are;


Shift One: Refuge Group

Foreman Omar Raygada

Acoustics expert Ariel Ticona

Acoustics expert Pedro Cortez

Carrier pigeon handler Carlos Bugueno

Carrier pigeon handler Pablo Rojas

Carrier pigeon handler Esteban Rojas

Carrier pigeon handler Dario Segovia

Electrician Franklin Lobos

No specific assignment Mario Gomez, Carlos Mamani, Edison Pena


Foreman Carlos Barrios

Carrier pigeon handler and poet Victor Zamora

Mechanic Alex Vega

Environmental assistant Jimmy Sanchez

Gas monitor Samuel Avalos

Carrier pigeon handler Claudio Acuna

Carrier pigeon handler Claudio Yanez

Paramedic Yonni Barrios

Writer Victor Segovia

Secretary Jose Ojeda


Foreman Raul Busto

Spokesman and video narrator Mario Sepulveda

Shift foreman Luis Urzua

Cameraman Florencio Avalos

Mechanic Juan Aguilar

Spiritual leader/pastor Jose Henriquez

Paramedic assistant Daniel Herrera

Carrier pigeon handler Jorge Galleguillos

Electrical mechanic Juan Illanes

Carrier pigeon handler Renan Avalos

Carrier pigeon handler Osman Araya

Mechanic Richard Villaroel

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