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New video shows trapped miners' routines

By the CNN Wire Staff
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New video shows trapped miners' routines
  • The miners' families were given a new video from inside the mine
  • The video shows how miners send messages up to the surface
  • It also explained how they handle food and other supplies

(CNN) -- The 33 miners trapped inside a Chilean mine have shown their families a glimpse of what their routines are like, thanks to a video they made.

The video was released to the families Wednesday, and CNN Chile obtained a clip of the video Thursday.

The miners appeared in good spirits and well-organized in the three-minute clip that was available. The miners were posting photos, letters and drawings sent from above ground on the walls of the mine.

One miner showed how messages are sent to the surface. He demonstrated how notes written on small pieces of paper are folded into plastic canisters with red tops that are then placed in a thin container that pulls them up to the ground.

Video: Food prepared for miners

Another miner explained how the miners keep close tabs on the supplies that are sent down inside cooler-like boxes. Bottles of water, food, toothpaste and other supplies are very controlled and distributed to the miners only as needed, the miner said.

The same miner offered a reflection on what they've lived through so far.

"I think that today, we must all learn a lesson. It's time for the world to unite, because what has happened is sufficient proof that God exists, a God who loves us," he said.

He continued, "To the children of all of our colleagues who are down here: Don't be sad, be happy. Because if you stop being happy, then so will we. Encourage your mothers, your fathers."

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