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Mexico's president has new Twitter account name

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Felipe Calderon announced the new name Wednesday morning
  • His new account name is FelipeCalderon; it used to be presidente_FC
  • He had solicited suggestions for the name

Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon has a new Twitter account name -- FelipeCalderon. Not terribly catchy but an improvement over his previous moniker -- presidente_FC.

Calderon, who had solicited suggestions for his new account name, announced the choice Wednesday morning.

"It only involves a change in name since it will maintain its history," Calderon's announcement said.

A look at his account Wednesday morning showed that he had more than 111,000 followers and that he follows 54 people, including a noted Mexican writer who died last week.

Anyone interested in more tweets about the Mexican government also can follow two existing accounts -- PresidenciaMX, which highlights the president's activities, and GobFed, which reports on the federal government's activities.

Calderon is not the only Latin American leader to have an account on Twitter, a social networking and blogging site.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also tweets, under the name chavezcandanga. He had nearly 800,000 followers Wednesday morning and followed seven accounts, including one about the writings of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Chavez has acknowledged that the account is his and uses it to send messages to Venezuelans, particularly those who send him posts.

There are at least two Twitter accounts for Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, though it could not be determined Wednesday whether either is official. Each account has more than 24,000 followers.

There is a Felipe Calderon page on Facebook that has more than 600,000 users who "like" it, the social network site's designation for members who could be considered fans. The Facebook page is elaborate with a detailed biography, more than 500 photographs and eight videos, but there is no way to confirm that it is an official page sanctioned by the Mexican president.

Both the Twitter account and the Facebook page contain messages to Calderon, some of them lauding his efforts while others are critical of his governance.