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Storm leaves 4 dead, 30,000 affected in Mexico, government says

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • NEW: Tropical Storm Frank, which caused the fatalities, became a hurricane Wednesday
  • The deaths occurred in southern Mexico's Oaxaca state
  • Two mudslides were responsible for the four deaths

Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- Four people died and at least 30,000 residents were affected in southern Mexico as a result of heavy rain and winds from then-Tropical Storm Frank, which has now intensified into a hurricane, the government-run Notimex news agency said Wednesday.

The deaths and damage occurred in Oaxaca state, on Mexico's Pacific coast, Notimex said.

A mudslide in the municipality Totontepec Villa de Morelos killed two farm workers, Notimex said. A mudslide in another part of Oaxaca caused at least six vehicles to drive off Federal Highway 182, leading to another two deaths, the news service said.

Several rain-swollen rivers -- including the Valle Nacional and the Atoyac -- overflowed their banks, affecting at least 10,000 people and leading to the loss of 4 tons of corn and 50 head of cattle.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated and placed in temporary shelters, officials said.

In the nearby state of Tabasco, also in southern Mexico but on the Gulf of Mexico coast, heavy rain has affected 48 localities and nearly 7,700 people, Notimex said.

Tropical Storm Frank formed Sunday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico and became the third hurricane of the season Wednesday. It was moving to the west-northwest away from Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said.