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12 Mexican drug suspects killed in shootout, military says

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Soldiers were tipped off that armed men were at a ranch in Durango state
  • The soldiers were shot at when they arrived at the ranch
  • Three soldiers were wounded
  • Officials confiscated weapons, bullet-proof vests, vehicles

(CNN) -- Twelve drug gang suspects were killed Thursday in a shootout with Mexican soldiers in Durango state, the military said.

Military officials were tipped off that a group of armed men were staying at a ranch known as "El Cazadero," the national defense secretary's office said. The soldiers were fired at when they arrived at the ranch, the military said in a release Thursday.

The 12 suspects were killed in the firefight, officials said. Three soldiers were wounded.

Authorities said they confiscated 12 rifles, 13 bullet-proof vests and four vehicles.