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Founder of the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Claude Nobs.
Founder of the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Claude Nobs.
  • Monita Rajpal travels to Montreaux, Switzerland for the annual jazz festival
  • icon takes a tour of the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville, Tennesse
  • Plus, Monita heads to the Guitar Hero HQ in California for a sneak preview of the latest game

(CNN) -- In August, icon is all about music.

Presenter Monita Rajpal travels to the Swiss resort of Montreaux which has, for more than four decades, been home to the annual jazz festival.

She meets founder, Claude Nobs, who introduces her to music icons Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock.

She also meets Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto who has customized two classic Gibson guitars to auction at the festival and challenges him to redesign the famous red CNN logo.

The show also visits Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of the country music business, where icon tours the Gibson guitar factory to learn about one of music's most iconic designs -- the Gibson Les Paul.

The team talks to several famous guitarists -- including ZZ Top founder Billy Gibbons -- about their loving relationship with the instrument and witness the birth of the world's first CNN-customized Gibson Les Paul.

With the anniversary of Les Paul's death on August 12, icon travels to New York to the bar where he played with the Les Paul Trio until the age of 93. The show chats to his son about his father's legacy.

Plus, in exclusive interviews, we speak to some of rock's greatest living legends, guitarist Slash and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. They share their thoughts on Les Paul and his enduring legacy in the world of rock.

Finally, Monita encounters a new musical icon in the form of video game, Guitar Hero and visits Guitar Hero HQ in California for a sneak preview of the latest game. While there, she talks to the designers and finds out if she can pick up enough musical tips to become a Guitar Hero in her own right.


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