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Police: Top drug lieutenant seized in Mexico

By Nick Valencia, CNN

(CNN) -- A top lieutenant in a Mexican drug cartel has been arrested in northern Mexico, federal police said in a statement Wednesday.

Rogelio Segovia Hernandez, who heads the armed wing of the Juarez cartel, was arrested in Chihuahua on Tuesday.

A reward of about $240,000 had been offered for his arrest, federal police said.

Authorities said at the time of his arrest, he had a pistol, grenade and at least six bags of an undisclosed amount of cocaine.

Intelligence provided by the federal police indicated Segovia, 30, was the principal operator for La Linea in the activities of drug trafficking distribution, kidnappings and killings in towns near Ciudad Juarez as well as Chihuahua.

Segovia was being investigated in extortion of large sums of money from businessmen in exchange for "freedom from aggression" from La Linea, according to police.

He was also a suspect in the August 25th, 2008, execution of five people at a ranch in the town of Aldama, Chihuahua.

The Mexican attorney general's office offered a reward for Segovia's capture in May.