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Third headless body found in Guatemala, officials say

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Discovery comes a day after bodies, heads found in capital
  • Notes to government officials found with decapitated heads
  • One said officials must impose order in nation's prisons

Guatemala City, Guatemala (CNN) -- Authorities found a headless body in Guatemala on Friday, one day after the discovery of four severed heads and two decapitated corpses in different parts of the nation's capital, officials said.

Initial reports from the national police said three human heads and three decapitated bodies had been found Thursday. That count was amended later in the day.

Notes aimed at high government officials were found Thursday with two of the heads, national police said.

The notes were addressed to Interior Minister Carlos Menocal and Eddy Morales, the nation's director of prisons. One of the notes said the officials must impose order in the nation's prisons or these atrocities would continue, police said. The other said that impunity against lawlessness must end, according to police.

The heads were inside plastic bags, one of them in front of the main doors to the national Congress in Guatemala City, police said.

Journalist Alexia Rios Hayashi contributed to this report.