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Canadian hearing scheduled for man removed from Aeromexico plane

By Mike A. Ahlers, CNN

Washington (CNN) -- Canadian authorities say they will hold a hearing Wednesday for a man who was removed from a plane Sunday at the request of U.S. authorities for an unspecified warrant.

The passenger was identified as Abdirahman Ali Gaal, according to Immigration and Refugee Board spokesman Robert Gervais.

Officials in both countries declined to identify Gaal's nationality or elaborate on why he was being sought.

Gaal was on an Aeromexico flight from Paris to Mexico City Sunday when the U.S. denied the plane permission to overfly the United States. The plane was diverted to Montreal airport, where it was met by law enforcement personnel.

A U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman said Gaal, described as a "person of interest," was arrested on an outstanding warrant. All other passengers were re-screened and the flight continued on to Mexico City.

Dominique McNeely, a spokesman for the Canada Border Services Agency, said the Immigration and Refugee Board will hold a hearing Wednesday in Montreal at 10 a.m.

At Wednesday's hearing, customs officials can seek to extend the Gaal's detention for either of two reasons -- because he represents a flight risk, or is a danger to the public.