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Nigerian offensive targets militants

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Military launches offensive seeking militant Jon Togo
  • Three camps attacked, military says
  • Some soldiers were wounded

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) -- Security forces in Nigeria hope to apprehend a wanted militant soon, a military spokesman said Friday.

The military is searching parts of southern Nigeria for Jon Togo, who they have described as a criminal. The armed forces started an offensive targeting Togo on Wednesday in Delta State, said Timothy Antigha, a spokesman for the military's Joint Task Force, which was formed to combat rebels.

The military attacked three militant camps near the village of Ayakoromo, he said, dislodging some militants who had sought refuge in villager's homes.

Some soldiers were wounded, but Antigha declined to offer more specifics.

The oil-rich Niger Delta has been the site of frequent clashes between militant groups and the Nigerian military.

One of the most prominent rebel groups, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, and other militant groups say they're fighting for a fairer distribution of the region's oil wealth. Analysts say they are often paid by politicians to support their own bid for power.