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Beirut neighborhood calm after deadly clashes

By Nada Husseini, CNN
  • Clashes break out between Hezbollah and members of a Sunni faction
  • The army is called in to restore calm
  • Three people are killed

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) -- The streets in the Lebanese capital were calm Wednesday, a day after clashes between supporters of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah and a Sunni faction left there people dead.

The fight stemmed over a traffic dispute between the two sides, the Lebanese army told CNN Wednesday.

Hezbollah and the Sunni faction, the Islamic Association for Charitable Projects, also issued a joint statement Tuesday night playing down that the violence had sectarian undertones.

"The regretful incident is an individual incident with no political or sectarian background," the statement said.

Fighting erupted Tuesday evening in Burj Abu Haider neighborhood. The army was called in to restore calm.

The three who died comprised of a Hezbollah official and his bodyguard and a Charitable Projects member. Seven others were wounded.