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Pirates hijack ship in Gulf of Aden

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Pirates hijacked a ship in the Gulf of Aden
  • The pirates attacked with small arms, the crew reported
  • The ship carried cement and has a crew of 23
  • The Suez was sailing under a Panamanian flag

(CNN) -- Pirates hijacked a cargo ship off the coast of Somalia on Monday, a European Union naval task force said.

The MV Suez was carrying cement and sailing under a Panamanian flag when it reported that pirates were attacking with small arms fire, the European Union Naval Force Somalia said in a statement.

Minutes later, people on the ship reported that pirates were on board, the statement said.

The Suez is a 17,300-ton vessel with a crew of 23.

The hijacking happened in the Gulf of Aden, a waterway between Somalia and Yemen that has been the site of numerous pirate attacks on merchant vessels.