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Sudan extends voting, official says

By the CNN Wire Staff
A South Sudanese woman casts her ballot on Sunday.
A South Sudanese woman casts her ballot on Sunday.

(CNN) -- Voting in Sudan's first multiparty elections in 24 years has been extended by two days, a United Nations official said Monday.

The main political party in South Sudan, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, had asked for a four-day delay amid reports of confusion at southern polling places.

At several polling stations voters could not find their names on the registry. And many voters couldn't understand the complicated 12 levels of voting in the forms and the lack of presidential pictures to identify candidates.

A north-south civil war that started in 1983 killed roughly 2 million people and displaced many others. A 2005 peace agreement that ended the war called for the election now underway, though the vote has been dogged by several parties boycotting or limiting their participation in the election.