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This week on Inside Africa ...

Inside Africa host Isha Sesay
Inside Africa host Isha Sesay
  • Thousands of Somali refugees are living in the U.S. state of Minnesota
  • Minnesota's Somali community is benefiting from access to local healthcare
  • One fast-food restaurant is treating American palettes to African flavors

(CNN) -- This week we're going beyond the continent's borders to explore the African Diaspora.

Forced to flee Somalia, refugees are rebuilding communities in the United States.

We visit America's largest Somali neighborhood, in the state of Minnesota, and take a look at the medical community's attention to Somali health.

We also look at how a Somali chef is on a mission to share the flavor and fusion of East African cuisine with the people of Minnesota.

Rebuilding Communities

In Somalia, an ongoing civil war has caused instability throughout the country and displaced countless people. Now, tens of thousands of those refugees live in Minnesota. The team go into the local East African neighborhood and find out how Somalis are adjusting to their new home.

Somali Health Care

We look at how Minnesota's Somali community is benefiting from access to local healthcare.

Safari Express

One Somali emigrant, 28-year-old Jamal Hashi, is enjoying the sweet smell of success. He's the owner of Safari Express -- a fast-food take on African food. He tells us about his mission to share his country's cuisine.