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Coast Guard searches for man who fell off boat in Oregon

By Rick Martin, CNN
  • The man did not have on a life jacket, the Coast Guard says
  • He falls when he leans back in his chair, says affiliate KGW

(CNN) -- Authorities continued their search early Monday morning for a 46-year-old man who fell overboard while boating with his family near Westport, Oregon.

The man's family members told officials he did not have on a life jacket when he fell off his 65-foot sailing vessel, "Bad Dog," about 4 p.m. Sunday, said Coast Guard Petty Officer Eric Chandler.

The Coast Guard was using a helicopter and a boat to search for the missing man. Local officials are also assisting, Chandler said.

CNN affiliate KGW, quoting family members, said the man fell when he leaned back in his chair and it broke. On the boat with him were his three children -- an 18-year-old girl and two boys, 16 and 14, the affiliate said.