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The new cool cars: Exclusive, sleek, efficient

By Cody McCloy, CNN
  • Hot cars of '10 include Ferrari's SA APERTA, Bugatti's Super Sport, Jaguar's electric C-X75
  • Some of them were featured at the 2010 Paris auto show
  • Others competed for the $10 million Automotive X Prize

(CNN) -- Speed and beauty have long been the driving factors in car design, but this year's most exclusive automobiles include a few practical considerations such as alternative fuel sources and smart ideas to improve safety and cut urban congestion.

Still, the first thing about these cars that catches the eye ain't the miles per gallon (or perhaps mile per watt).

Yes some of these French, Italian and German automobiles are more environmentally friendly -- but more importantly they look good doing it.

Many of the car designs at the 2010 Paris auto show focused on electric-powered cars.

Energy is a central theme of the Automotive X Prize -- a self-described "$10 million competition to inspire a new generation of viable, superefficient vehicles that people want to buy."

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Luxury, power big hits at auto show

The contest pushed designers to come up with a conventionally powered vehicle that would top 100 MPGe (miles per gallon energy equivalent).

Some of the names that grabbed attention in Paris, and at the X Prize competition and elsewhere will captivate many drivers' imaginations: Lamborghini's Sesto Elemento, the Ferrari SA APERTA, Bugatti's Super Sport and the literally electric Jaguar C-X75.

The folks at Mini are offering a surprise: A scooter!

Renault's electric concept car -- the DeZir -- looks like it has wings to fly.

While many of these cars could empty more than a few pocketbooks, they also could save their owners a few bucks on fuel.

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