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Roller coaster crash injures 10 people

From Irving Last, CNN
  • Two rollercoaster cars make contact at a California theme park, officials say
  • The cause is not known

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Ten people suffered minor injuries after a roller coaster accident at the Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, California, Orange County Fire officials said.

Two roller coaster cars of the Pony Express ride "made contact" near the boarding area of the ride, said Mike Yeun of the Orange County Fire Authority.

A team of 25 firefighters from the Orange County and Anaheim fire departments responded to the scene after the incident.

The ten riders were taken to five different hospitals near the park, all with apparent minor injuries to their neck or back, Yeun said.

The total number of people on the ride when the accident happened was not immediately available.

It is unclear what caused the cars to hit each other.