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Blagojevich wants lone guilty verdict thrown out

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • A jury found Rod Blagojevich guilty of making false statements to the FBI
  • Blagojevich argues that he did not make a false statement
  • He argues that the trial was stacked against him

(CNN) -- Lawyers for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Tuesday filed a motion to throw out his lone conviction from a corruption trial against him earlier this year.

Blagojevich last month was found guilty of only one of 24 counts against him. The jury could not come to a decision on the other 23 counts. The lone guilty verdict was for lying to the FBI.

"Rod Blagojevich is not guilty of making a false statement," the motion states. "Rather, the false statement conviction on Count 24 was obtained by the government as a result of an unfair trial, improper objections and the prevention of the defense from engaging in meaningful cross-examination."

The motion argues prosecutors tainted the jury before the trial started and obstructed him from attempts to defend himself.

"The environment in which Blagojevich was tried could not possibly have resulted in a fair trial," the motion says.

The document also states, "To be sure, the burden was on the government and the defendant had no obligation to put on a case. However, the defendant's fundamental right to defend himself through cross-examination was stomped upon by obstructionist (and continuous) objections that were sustained by the Court."