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'Skyscraper Man' climbs giant tower in California

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Man climbs San Francisco skyscraper
  • The man was detained by police at the top of a roughly 60-story skyscraper
  • On his website, the 'Skyscraper Man' says he did it to raise awareness
  • San Francisco
  • Cancer
  • Terrorism

Read more about this story from CNN affiliate KGO.

(CNN) -- A man climbed to the top of a nearly 60-story skyscraper in downtown San Francisco, California, on Monday, where he unfurled a U.S. flag and was promptly detained by police.

Video from CNN affiliate KGO showed a man, dressed in red, scaling the side of a giant tower with what appeared to be suction cups.

"He made it to the top of the building and my understanding is that there were some officers waiting for him," said Albie Esparza, a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department.

He identified the climber as Daniel Goodwin, also known as the "Skyscraper Man."

On his website, Goodwin said he planned to climb the Millennium Tower, a nearly 60-story building in San Francisco, to help raise awareness of cancer and the county's vulnerability to terrorist attacks on its skyscrapers.

After unfurling an American flag at the top of the building, the climber turned himself over to police.

Esparza said Goodwin was cited on two misdemeanor charges and released.