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Civil War relics shut down university building

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Civil War relics at Kennesaw State University were deemed potentially hazardous
  • Officials evacuated the building as a precaution
  • A bomb squad removed the questionable relics

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- A building at a Georgia university was evacuated Monday morning after some Civil War relics stored there were found to be possibly dangerous, officials said.

Officials at Kennesaw State University in suburban Atlanta called an all-clear around 1 p.m., about an hour and a half after they evacuated the school's Social Sciences Building and its surrounding area.

"Some Civil War relics stored on the third floor were noticed as being a potential hazard," the university said in a news release.

The relics included two cannonballs that were located in a display case within a room that was accessible only with a card-key, the university said.

The cannonballs had been on display in the building for about three years as part of a collection within the university's Center for the Study of the Civil War Era, the school said. They were donated by a private individual.

A new administrative faculty member at the university was the person who raised concerns about the cannonballs, Kennesaw State said.

A local bomb squad responded to the university and removed the relics in question, and the building was reopened.