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Former NASA head back in DC area after plane crash

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • O'Keefe is taken to an undisclosed hospital
  • Five people died in the crash, including former Sen.Ted Stevens

(CNN) -- Former NASA chief Sean O'Keefe and his son, Kevin, have returned to the Washington, DC area after recovering from a plane crash in Alaska, according to a statement from his family spokesman.

The August 9 plane crash on a mountainside killed five people, including former Sen.Ted Stevens.

O'Keefe was recuperating at an Alaska hospital, but had recovered enough to be released from that hospital and moved to another hospital, the O'Keefe family spokesman said Thursday.

"Based on all of the reports, Sean's condition is good. And all things considered, his prognosis is excellent. He continues to deal with some complications, but these temporary setbacks are being managed well. On another positive note, Kevin's recovery is also progressing very well," the statement said.

O'Keefe suffered a dislocated hip in the crash.