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Off-road motorcycle race approved for area where fatal crash occurred

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Bureau of Land Management OKs motorcycle race in the Johnson Valley Open Area
  • That's where eight died when a truck crashed into a crowd during an event, killing eight
  • Mohave Desert Racing events remain suspended, the bureau says

(CNN) -- Federal officials have given the go-ahead for a motorcycle race in California's Johnson Valley Open Area, where a truck race turned deadly Saturday, killing eight and injuring nine, officials said Friday.

The Bureau of Land Management issued a statement announcing it has granted the American Motorcycle Association approval to proceed with its scheduled off-road race in the Southern California desert area this weekend after assessing the association's safety and crowd control requirements.

"As part of an overall increased oversight of permit activities, the BLM has closely coordinated this weekend's event with the race promoter to ensure that the safety of the spectators and participants is of the highest priority," the statement said.

"Race coordinators have put in place additional safeguards at the start/finish line, pit row areas, and have increased security and medical presence to ensure safe racing conditions."

Bureau officials said they are working with enforcement agencies in the ongoing investigation into Saturday's deadly crash. For now, events promoted by Mojave Desert Racing remain suspended, it added. That organization was the promoter of last Saturday's race.

Mojave Desert Racing was barred by the bureau Thursday. In last week's deadly crash, a truck taking part in a 200-mile off-road race crashed into a crowd of spectators.