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Rescuers reach 12 people trapped on Alaskan glacier

By Nick Valencia, CNN
  • The group became trapped after a plane crash on Sunday
  • Rescue personnel who had tried to help them earlier were also among the group
  • Two people were taken to the hospital for observation

(CNN) -- Rescuers on Wednesday reached a group of 12 people who had become trapped on an Alaskan glacier following the crash of a sightseeing plane three days earlier, authorities said.

Some of those trapped included other rescue personnel who had been dispatched to reach the group after the Sunday crash, according to Maj. Guy Hayes of the Alaska National Guard.

Hayes said the sightseeing plane was carrying a family of four plus the pilot when it crashed on Knik Glacier. The crash victims were OK physically, Hayes said, but poor weather conditions hampered efforts to evacuate them.

Four rescue personnel reached the area earlier in the week to provide supplies and stayed with the group. Then on Tuesday, three guardsmen became trapped on the glacier following an accident involving their Blackhawk helicopter, Hayes said.

The Alaska National Guard reached the group at 12:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. ET) and was able to land before transferring the group to a lower location to be rescued, Hayes said.

Two people were taken to the hospital for observation, he said.