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Police arrest woman they say accepted beer from Connecticut shooter

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Police: Woman accepted beer from shooter
  • Police say they have a videotape of the woman accepting stolen beer
  • The Connecticut shooter is not clearly visible in tape
  • Omar Thornton's employer said it asked him to resign for stealing and selling its beverages
  • Shootings
  • Connecticut
  • Crime

Read more on the story from CNN affiliate WFSB.

(CNN) -- Police arrested a woman Friday who they said accepted stolen beer from a delivery truck driven by the man who killed eight people and then himself in Connecticut this week.

East Windsor, Connecticut, police arrested Christy Quail, 33, and charged her with sixth-degree larceny after getting a videotape showing her accepting beer from a truck driven by Omar Thornton, according to dispatcher Sharon Bourke.

Thornton went on a shooting rampage Tuesday after his employer, Hartford Distributors, said it had asked him to resign for stealing and selling alcoholic beverages.

Thornton is not clearly shown in the videotape, which police are not releasing to the news media, Bourke said.

Thornton's girlfriend told CNN he was being racially harassed at work, but Hartford Distributors' president said Thursday that there were no grievances filed with the company or with Thornton's union.

The company said it hired a private investigator to follow and videotape Thornton for several weeks after it was suspected he was stealing from his truck, according to CNN Hartford affiliate WFSB.

Quail was processed at the East Windsor Police Department on Friday and released on bond, Bourke said. Her court date is set for August 17.

CNN's Meg Miller contributed to this report.