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Man questioned after airplane incident at Reagan National Airport

By Mike M. Ahlers and Carol Cratty, CNN
  • Authorities say a man claimed to be a terrorist
  • Officials say the man might have been trying to get off a stuck plane
  • The plane returned to its gate

Washington (CNN) -- Law enforcement officials are questioning a man they say claimed to be a terrorist in what might have been an attempt to get off a plane stuck on a tarmac at Reagan National Airport, authorities said Thursday.

US Airways Flight 2032 was preparing to depart for Boston from the airport near Washington when the plane returned to the gate because of an "unruly passenger," said Rob Yingling, spokesman for the Washington airport authority.

Government sources, who declined to be quoted, said the passenger made an inappropriate comment.

The plane, an Airbus 319, returned to Gate 44 where it was met by authorities, who were questioning the passenger Thursday afternoon.