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Chicago areas declare disaster after flooding

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Chicago flooding leads to power outages
  • 10 towns in Cook County have declared their communities disaster areas
  • 3,000 ComEd customers remain without power
  • The National Weather Service predicted pleasant weather, but flood warnings remain
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(CNN) -- Floodwaters covering the Chicago area were receding Sunday, as damages surfaced and communities began the clean-up process.

Ten towns in Cook County have declared their communities as disaster areas, said Dave Ramos, executive director for Cook County Emergency Management.

Friday night's heavy rains hit Westchester and Melrose Park the hardest, filling some Cook County basements with up to four feet of water, Ramos said. He said he will recommend to the county's president that all of Cook be declared a disaster area Monday.

Of the 50,000 ComEd customers who were without electricity Saturday morning, 3,000 remained without power Sunday, said Laura Micheli, a spokeswoman for the utility.

"There is still a lot of flooding obviously," Micheli said. "In some areas they need to wait for water to recede before they're able to restore power."

The outages started at about 6 p.m. (7 p.m. ET) Friday night.

There are no reports of missing people, fatalities or injuries to the Cook County 911 center, Ramos said.

The National Weather Service predicted pleasant weather Sunday, but flood warnings remained for areas on the nearby Fox and Des Plaines rivers.

The area hasn't had any storms since late Saturday morning, Micheli said.