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Statue rededicated at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

From Laura Koran, CNN

Washington (CNN) -- A sculpture that makes up part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall was unveiled and rededicated Thursday after six weeks of restoration work.

Crews removed oxidation damage from the "Three Servicemen" sculpture and applied a new patina. Steps were also taken to ensure continued maintenance of the statue, so that extensive repair work will not be necessary in the future.

Speakers at Thursday's rededication included Brig. Gen. George Price (Ret.) and Lindy Hart, the widow of the statue's sculptor, Frederick Hart. Mrs. Hart spoke about the importance of the statue as a symbol of the Vietnam War, and noted that it will "continue to stand vigil" facing the memorial wall.

Money for the restoration was raised by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the National Park Service. The work was performed by the New Arts Foundry.

The sculpture, which is also referred to as "Three Fighting Men" or "Three Infantrymen," depicts three weary soldiers seeming to emerge from the trees around them. It stands about 150 away facing the apex of the memorial wall, according to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial website, and was originally unveiled in 1984.