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Party! Beer truck spills brew onto Atlanta highway

By Nick Valencia, CNN
  • Car, truck collided and both overturned
  • No injuries reported
  • Traffic jam cleared in 90 minutes

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- The king of beers caused a king of a traffic jam late Monday afternoon when a Budweiser tractor-trailer overturned on an interstate just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Aerial video from CNN affiliate WXIA showed the delivery truck resting on its left side, with the amber-colored liquid leaking from the back of the truck and saturating the hot pavement of Interstate 285 in Cobb County.

"A passenger car collided with the tractor-trailer, causing both to overturn," Joe Hernandez with the Cobb County Police Department told CNN.

There were no injuries reported.

The Budweiser truck was carrying 80,000 pounds, which included the combined weight of beer, the truck and the driver, Hernandez said.

The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m., turning I-285 into a parking lot that smelled a bit like a brewery. The highway, which circles Atlanta, was completely cleared by 6 p.m., Hernandez said.