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Winfrey on oil disaster: Obama's doing best he can

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Oprah: Oil spill 'breaks my heart'
  • Oprah Winfrey says she hopes the oil spill will be resolved soon
  • Winfrey says Obama is doing a good job handling crisis
  • She says she is saddened by television reports about those affected by spill

(CNN) -- Oprah Winfrey gave her support to those suffering in the Gulf states, saying President Obama is doing the best he can to handle the oil disaster.

"What's going on in my heart is the same thing, everyone feels for what is happening to all of the fisherman and families who, this time of year, would be hosting people from all over the country and all over the world there," said Winfrey, who was in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday to speak at a middle school graduation.

"We can only hope and pray that this will soon be resolved in a way that people can pick themselves up and move forward," Winfrey added.

The talk show host said she has heard the criticism of Obama's handling of the oil crisis. Winfrey, an avid supporter of the president, said he is doing a good job.

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"I think the president is doing the best anybody can," said Winfrey, who campaigned for Obama when he ran for president. "I really don't understand what people want him to do? I think he's the president of the United States.

"You're not supposed to be emotional, you're supposed to take action and get things done and make sure those things happen so I'm not sure what people want him to do," she said.

The underwater gusher began after an April 20 explosion aboard the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon. The explosion and subsequent fire caused the rig to sink two days later, rupturing the pipes and sending oil spilling from the well.

Winfrey said she has been saddened by television reports of those affected by the oil disaster.

"What is happening not only to the people but to the animals is what breaks my heart," Winfrey said.

CNN's Don Lemon contributed to this report.