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New York Yankees to visit Obama on World Series tour

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • White House is one of many stops the Yankees will make to mark their victory
  • Obama is a well-known Chicago White Sox fan
  • Yankees will also visit Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a New York native

Washington (CNN) -- President Obama, a diehard Chicago White Sox fan, will test a different kind of diplomacy Monday when he hosts the New York Yankees at the White house.

Derek Jeter and the rest of the Yankees will be in town to celebrate last year's World Series victory. The Yankees' White House trip will be one of many events to mark their win.

Before stopping at the White House, players will take the World Series trophy to the Walter Reed Medical Center in the nation's capital, where they'll visit with wounded soldiers.

Obama has stayed true to his Chicago team. He recently wore a White Sox cap while throwing the first pitch at a home opener for the Washington Nationals.

The president has made it clear that he's more loyal to the White Sox than the Cubs, another Illinois team.

During his inaugural events, he thanked military members attending the Commander-in-Chief Ball for their service. "It is wonderful to be surrounded by some of the very best and bravest Americans," he said.

Then he turned to a less serious issue: Polling soldiers on whether they were fans of the Cubs or the White Sox.

"Terrible!" Obama chuckled when most said they were Cubs fans.

After the White House visit, the Yankees will meet Tuesday with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a New York native. Other events Tuesday include lunch in the U.S. Senate and with wounded soldiers, according to the team's website.