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Welcome to Weekend Assignment

If you've got a camera, a bit of creativity and a passion for storytelling, you can take part in these fun challenges.
If you've got a camera, a bit of creativity and a passion for storytelling, you can take part in these fun challenges.
  • What: A series of creative mini-challenges for the CNN iReport community
  • Who: Anyone with a camera and a bit of creativity
  • When: There will be a new challenge each weekend through April 9

(CNN) -- CNN iReport is excited to announce the launch of Weekend Assignment -- eight weeks of fun, creative and engaging mini-challenges we can work on together.

We've been experimenting with the idea of weekend assignments for a while now. It started off as "Fun on Friday" posts on our blog, and evolved into creative but still newsworthy weekend projects. Now we're taking it to a new level: Collaborative projects involving the iReport community and CNN staff that will give us all a chance to push our storytelling skills and have a ton of fun in the process.

Here's how it works. Every Friday, we'll launch a new weekend assignment. Participants will have until Sunday to complete the mission and upload their iReports. We'll join in on the fun, too, and find creative ways to showcase the best of your submissions and create cool, newsworthy content for

The topics and level of challenge will range from week to week. We hope to offer a fun variety of assignments for everyone in the iReport community -- young and old, new and veteran, video enthusiasts and photo nuts.

We kicked things off with a mobile photography assignment. We asked iReporters to share the best cell phone shot they took between February 20 and 21. The results were creative and varied; you can see some of the best here.

And last weekend we raised the bar a bit with a time-lapse challenge. Check back soon to see the end product from those submissions.

There are still six weeks to join in the fun. Check out the remaining assignments and see which one's for you:

March 5 -- Your signature dish
It seems everyone has a go-to dish that they make best. We want you to unleash your inner chef and demonstrate how to make your signature dish from start to finish.

March 12 -- View from up high
We've seen some stunning aerial photography on CNN iReport, and this weekend we want to see your best shots. Go somewhere up high this weekend and show us the view from above.

March 20 -- Walk in our shoes
iReporters from around the globe will film a one-minute walk during a special assignment taking place Saturday, March 20, the first day of spring. Find out more details here.

March 26 -- Operation pay phone
Once a mainstay of city sidewalks and mysterious movie calls, it's hard to find a pay phone these days. We want you to go out and find a pay phone in their town, show us where it's located and whether it's used.

April 2 -- Past meets present
We're challenging you to find an old photograph of someplace nearby, then line it up and photograph the present-day view. This assignment is inspired by the Flickr group that issues the same challenge.

April 9 -- $10 thrifty challenge
How far can $10 stretch? For our last weekend assignment, we're asking you to spend $10 and show us what you purchased.

We look forward to learning more about the CNN iReport community, challenging ourselves, and, most importantly, having fun. We hope you'll join us!