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Taylor Swift to perform at N.Y. airport

By A. Pawlowski, CNN
Taylor Swift's performance for air travelers comes as she promotes her new album.
Taylor Swift's performance for air travelers comes as she promotes her new album.
  • Taylor Swift to perform at Terminal 5 of John F. Kennedy International on Wednesday
  • Event is part of JetBlue's "Live from T5" concert series
  • The airline calls it an "unexpected surprise" for its passengers

(CNN) -- Airport terminals are always good places for people watching, but star gazing will be more like it for a select group of travelers at New York's John F. Kennedy International.

JetBlue has announced that country and pop star Taylor Swift will perform live at the airline's Terminal 5 on Wednesday as part of its "Live from T5" concert series.

The concert will take place in the post-security Marketplace area and will only be seen by passengers who are traveling through the terminal that day. No tickets of admission will be sold to the public. The event will take place some time in the evening, said JetBlue spokeswoman Alison Croyle.

The airline calls it an "unexpected surprise" for its passengers.

"This gives our customers a free, live entertainment experience and intimate access to one of the most popular artists in the industry today," Fiona Morrisson, director of brand management and advertising at JetBlue, said in a statement.

Previous artists in the "Live from T5" series include Sarah McLachlan and the rock band Daughtry.

For travelers worried about fighting their way through the audience Wednesday to catch a flight, the airline assures that won't be a problem.

"The space provided will allow for customers to go around the event if they choose not to watch," Croyle said.

After her gig at JFK, Swift will board a charter flight to Los Angeles, California, where she will perform a concert on board.

Passengers on the "Flight Across America" will include Swift's band, crew, management and contest winners who were selected through a sweepstakes run by Swift and, said JetBlue spokesman Mateo Lleras.

He declined to provide details on how the concert would be arranged in flight, but said it would "all [be] within FAA regulations, of course."

Swift has been promoting her new album, "Speak Now."