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Passengers capture emergency landing on video from inside plane

From Rick Martin, CNN
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Delta flight landing chaos
  • A flight from Atlanta to White Plains, New York, experiences a landing gear problem
  • No injuries ae reported from the emergency landing
  • Two passengers on board share their cell phone camera footage

(CNN) -- "Brace for impact," a deep voice says on the intercom.

"Heads down! Stay down! Heads down! Stay down!" a woman commands for more than 30 seconds.

Two passengers aboard a Delta flight from Atlanta, Georgia, to White Plains, New York, captured the dramatic moments of the flight's emergency landing Saturday night at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

The footage from Flight 4951 shows sparks outside a window of the plane's cabin.

The flight experienced landing gear problems, according to a recording of a pilot's conversation with air traffic control.

Video: Pilot: Prepare for the worst

"We have 64 souls on board," the pilot said, according to, which provides audio from air traffic control radio communications.

"We've been running all the checklists and talking to our maintenance and approach, our maintenance and dispatcher and we have not been able to get the landing gear down," the pilot said. "Our preference would be to proceed over to JFK and execute an emergency landing over there ... and if it's not completely obvious, we just want to confirm, we are declaring an emergency."

The pilot and an air traffic controller arrange for the plane to land at JFK.

"Emergency equipment standing by midfield as a precautionary measure," the air traffic controller says.

The plane lands safely with no injuries reported.

After passengers evacuate, a man embraces a pilot with a bear hug.

The Federal Aviation Administration has not released a cause for why the plane's landing gear malfunctioned.

CNN's Ric Ward and Miguel Susana and contributed to this report.