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FBI investigates comment on flight from Las Vegas

From Rick Martin, CNN
  • The flight returns to Las Vegas due to a mechanical issue
  • A TSA spokesperson says a passenger allegedly made an inappropriate comment
  • FBI: The incident does not appear to be terrorist-related

(CNN) -- The FBI is leading an investigation into an incident aboard a US Airways flight that landed at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas on Saturday night, Las Vegas police said.

Jonella Culmer, a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration, said the agency became aware of a mechanical issue on US Airways Flight 399 from Las Vegas to Phoenix about 8:15 p.m. ET.

"The flight landed safely and during taxi, a passenger allegedly made an inappropriate comment," Culmer said.

The incident did not appear to be terrorist related, said Special Agent Joseph Dickey of the FBI's Las Vegas office. No arrests had been made.

"Due to maintenance and out of an abundance of caution, the flight returned to Las Vegas," said Michelle Mohr, a US Airways spokesperson. Mohr said "there was an incident that required authorities," but would not elaborate, saying it was a police matter.

Mohr said arrangements were being made to get passengers to their original destination.