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Passengers removed from flight after 'comment' to crew member

By Leslie Tripp, CNN
  • Nine people are taken off a flight from the Washington to Tampa, Florida
  • The group is rebooked for a flight on Monday after speaking with airline employees

(CNN) -- Nine passengers aboard a plane at Dulles International Airport were removed before takeoff due to a comment made to a crew member Sunday night, a United Airlines spokeswoman said.

Megan McCarthy told CNN she had no information early Monday morning about the nature of the comment. She said United employees came to the gate, spoke with the crew and then spoke with the passengers taken off the plane.

After the discussions, United determined the group of nine could be re-booked on another flight, McCarthy said.

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The flight was headed from Dulles in the Washington, D.C., area to Tampa, Florida. All remaining passengers continued on the flight after the delay.

The nine people removed from the plane were scheduled for a flight on Monday, McCarthy said.