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Turbulence leaves flight attendant injured

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • The flight was heading to Boise, Idaho
  • The flight originated in Reno, Nevada
  • No one else was hurt in the incident Wednesday afternoon

(CNN) -- A flight attendant was injured when a Southwest Airlines flight heading to Boise, Idaho, encountered turbulence, authorities said late Wednesday.

"A flight attendant apparently --with some turbulence-- hit an exit sign above his head, and when the plane landed was taken over to the hospital for examination," said Mike Fergus, an FAA spokesman for the Northwest Mountain Region.

The flight originated in Reno, Nevada, Fergus said.

No one else was hurt in the incident Wednesday afternoon.

Video: Plane diverted for turbulence

"The turbulence is not an uncommon thing," Fergus said. "It would be surprising if air turbulence were not encountered somewhere someplace in the United States national airspace system."

The injury comes a day after 21 people were hurt when a United flight hit severe turbulence and landed in Colorado on Tuesday night.

United Airlines Flight 967 was en route from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles, California, the Federal Aviation Administration said.