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Plane from Dallas bound for Japan diverted after fire alarm goes off

By Junko Ogura, CNN
  • Fire alarm goes off in the cargo compartment of the Boeing
  • Plane was headed to Narita, Japan, from Dallas
  • It lands in Shemya in the Aleutian islands
  • Passengers will fly to Anchorage

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- An American Airlines flight from Texas to Japan was diverted to the Aleutian islands after a fire alarm went off in the cargo compartment, the airline said Monday.

The Boeing was en route from Dallas to Narita when it landed instead in the island of Shemya, southwest of Alaska.

The flight was carrying 197 passengers and 15 crew members, the airline said.

Officials unloaded all the bags from the plane.

Early Monday morning, it was being readied for a flight back to Anchorage.

Authorities are investigating what caused the fire alarm to go off.