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Feds push $700,000 fine against Puerto Rican airline

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • FAA proposes $700,000 fine against Executive Airlines
  • Agency said airline neglected required inspections
  • "All maintenance procedures must be followed at all times," FAA official said

(CNN) -- The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it is pushing for a $700,000 fine against Puerto Rico-based Executive Airlines for allegedly operating eight of its airplanes in violation of federal aviation regulations.

The FAA contends that when the airline conducted maintenance checks of its planes in 2007 and 2008, "mechanics did not perform and document required, detailed visual inspections to detect possible cracks" on key aircraft parts, according to an agency statement.

Executive Airlines operated the eight planes on 6,479 flights before the completion of proper inspections, the statement noted.

"All maintenance procedures must be followed at all times. There are no exceptions when it comes to safety," FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said.

Executive Airlines is a partner of American Eagle Airlines.