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5 more tech movies we'd like to see

Brandon Griggs
Who wouldn't pay to see a movie called "Steve Jobs, NInja Assassin?"
Who wouldn't pay to see a movie called "Steve Jobs, NInja Assassin?"
  • Now that "The Social Network" is a hit, here are five other tech-themed movies we'd like to see
  • "Steve Jobs, Ninja Assassin" recalls Jobs' real-life (or not) brush with authorities in Japan
  • "The Music Network" would chronicle the brief life of music-sharing site Napster

(CNN) -- "The Social Network" topped the box office this weekend, proving there's an appetite out there for movies about technology -- or at least, movies about technology involving good-looking young actors screwing each other over and having sex.

This got us thinking about other tech tales or topics that would make juicy fodder for Hollywood. Studios, take notice -- here are five other tech movies we'd like to see:

"Steve Jobs, Ninja Assassin"

Plot: Inspired by Jobs' supposed real-life brush with authorities at an airport in Japan, this surefire blockbuster would blend tech-industry intrigue with sword-wielding, shuriken-throwing, ass-whuppin' action. By day he's the visionary but polarizing leader of a major tech company; by night he's a shadowy martial-arts master who carries out stealth missions against Apple-haters, prying bloggers and Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Story pitch: It's "The Social Network" meets, well, "Ninja Assassin."

Dream casting: Steve Jobs, of course!

Memorable catchphrase: "Your sword -- you're holding it wrong."

"The Music Network"

Plot: A Boston-area university student creates a website that is used by millions, threatens the status quo, changes the world and is attacked by lawsuits. No, it's not another Facebook movie -- it's a Napster movie. Shawn Fanning's peer-to-peer file-sharing service nearly toppled the music industry and made him a lot of enemies, which sounds like juicy dramatic fodder to us. Soundtrack by Metallica.

Story pitch: It's "The Social Network" meets "Almost Famous."

Dream casting: Shia LaBeouf as Shawn Fanning and Justin Timberlake, reprising his role from "The Social Network," as Napster co-founder Sean Parker.

Memorable catchphrase: "But Your Honor, in kindergarten they taught me that sharing was a good thing."

"Pirates of Silicon Valley"

Plot: Remember the 1999 made-for-TV movie about the rise of the home computer, starring Noah Wyle of "ER" as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall from "The Breakfast Club" as Bill Gates? No? Well, me hearties, it's just itchin' for a remake. We see this as a sprawling epic, with updated chapters about Jobs' rebirth at Apple and billionaire Gates giving his fortune away to good causes around the world. And to spice things up, some crazy flashback scenes of late-night coding binges.

Story pitch: It's "The Social Network" meets "Baby Geniuses."

Dream casting: Hall and Wyle are too old, so let's go with Daniel Radcliffe (Jobs) and Michael Cera (Gates).

Memorable catchphrase: "Are you two still virgins?"

"An Apple Engineer Walks Into a Bar ..."

Plot: This dark ensemble comedy chronicles the hapless Apple staffer who loses a product prototype in a Silicon Valley German beer hall, the opportunistic barfly who sells it to tech blog Gizmodo, and the blog editor who posts the specs of the device online, causing a sensation. Things come to a head when the police, prompted by Apple, raid the editor's house to look for evidence of the source of the leak. In a surprise twist, Apple is revealed to have swiped the prototype from the bar itself and leaked it to build hype for its product. The gambit backfires when said product, an electronic dental "grill" called iTeeth, flops on the market.

Story pitch: It's "The Social Network" meets "Dude, Where's My Car?"

Dream casting: Jonah Hill as Apple engineer Gray Powell, John Cho as Gizmodo editor Jason Chen and, in a cameo, Kevin Spacey as Steve Jobs.

Memorable catchprase: "Wow, this German beer is really strong."

"Google: The Musical!"

Plot: Gotta sing! Gotta dance! Gotta search! The rise of Google is told though song in this toe-tappin' spectacle, which follows co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin from their early days at Stanford through the company's IPO and expansion into other web-based and mobile services. Dramatic tension builds in the film's second half as Google stares down China over issues of censorship. Song highlights include "Takin' the Hot Out of Hotmail," "YouTubin'" and the showstopping finale, "Don't Be Evil."

Story pitch: It's "The Social Network" meets "The Producers."

Dream casting: Ben Affleck as Brin, Matt Damon as Page and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Eric Schmidt.

Memorable catchphrase: "Let's all raise a toast to Mail Goggles!"


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