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Join the Earth's Frontiers debate: Preservation or progress?

Kew Gardens will host the second Earth's Frontiers debate.
Kew Gardens will host the second Earth's Frontiers debate.
  • Be part of the Earths Frontiers debate in August
  • Send your questions for the panel to answer
  • Use the 'Sound off' box or send a video iReport

(CNN) -- How can we balance progress and conservation?

In August we will be exploring this issue even further with a live debate, and we want you to be part of the discussions.

Taking place at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew -- an international center of biodiversity research -- the debate will feature a panel of experts as well as questions and comments from you about the challenges facing the planet's ecosystems.

What should the priorities be: preserving ecosystems or economic development? Do drastic measures need to be taken to prevent mass extinction? How much more can we learn from the natural world to enhance our own lives?

Write your questions or comments in the Sound off box below, or record them as a video and send them here.

We'll put the best to the panel and post them here online and really get the debate going.