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'Jersey Shore' app targets your abs, tan, laundry

Doug Gross
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Will you buy 'The Situation' iPhone app?
  • "Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino released an app for the iPhone, iPad
  • App sells for $4.99 and offers workout tips, games and sound clips
  • Report says app is one of Apple store's top money makers since coming out Thursday

(CNN) -- If you want to pay a reality-TV star $5 to tell you where the closest laundromat is (and let's be honest -- who doesn't?), now's your chance.

"The Situation," the bronzed, buff and big-mouthed roomie from "The Jersey Shore" on MTV, has released an app for the iPhone that, according to at least one online report, is making tons of cash.

The app featuring Mike Sorrentino (yep, he has a real name) focuses on his revered "G.T.L." approach to life.

Gym. Tanning. Laundry.

Released Thursday, the app has been one of the Apple store's top-10 grossing offerings during that short time, according to a post from Hollywood Reporter.

The app uses global-positioning to help the user find gyms, tanning salons and laundries nearby and a workout routine to help sculpt "ripped up" abs like the ones the usually shirtless Sorrentino proudly displays on the show.

There's also a game called "Grenade Launcher," named for the term Sorrentino and other cast members use for women they consider unattractive. (When you and your buddies meet a group of girls, someone's got to "jump on the grenade," or the unattractive one. Get it?)

The app joins at least a couple of others spawned by the reality show, in which a house full of New Jersey natives drink, fight and tan on the beach.

In "MTV's Jersey Shore: Spread Snooki" app, the user can add images of housemate and frequent nightclub scrapper Nicole Polizzi (aka "Snooki") to pictures of themselves and their friends. "Jersey Shore Yourself" lets the user upload a photo and add the tan, tattoos and adventurous hairstyles of the cast members.

Early customer reviews of "The Situation" were decidedly mixed. (Pardon the webspeak, punctuation and grammar problems that follow).

"i love it as much as i loooove jerseyshore n jerseyfy [sic] yourself app!" wrote one user.

Another, however, gave it only one star out of five.

"Only abs workout? Grenade dodger is lame as hell. Soundboard is staged. It's not quotes from the show but [Sorrentino] in a sound booth reading lines. Don't bother with this app. If you're a mike fan I still think you'd be disappointed," the user wrote.

It's also on the pricey side for smartphone app, many of which are free or cost less than $1. At $4.99, "The Situation" is nearly five times as expensive as "Jersey Shore Yourself" and "Spread Snooki."

The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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